Thaksin Officially in Exile; Warrants Sought for His Arrest; City Fans Demanding Answers

Thaksin Shinawatra announced himself as an exile in a statement from London, citing fears for his family’s safety and a conspiracy in Thailand to punish his family. Thaksin asked for continued support from his loyalists in Thailand and expressed loyalty to the king and his wish to die in Thailand. But every indication is he will not be returning there of his own volition any time soon. Thai courts have responded by issuing a warrant for Thaksin’s arrest.

In comments to Reuters, Thaksin biographer Chris Baker has underscored the severity of Thaksin’s actions and especially his rather inflammatory remarks about the Thai courts, noting “He has defamed the court, and so he’s gone for good.” Even political allies in the PPP are scrambling to distance themselves from Thaksin’s remark, which is being interpreted by some in Thailand as an act of bridge burning. For further interesting commentary from Thailand, check out Bangkok Pundit’s analysis, including an assessment of Thaksin’s chances of gaining political aslyum in the UK.

Thaksin has made no comment about how all this relates to Manchester City. The Manchester Evening News’s beat writer Chris Bailey has taken the unusual step of publicly dressing down the current regime and demanding that the club provide some answers with respect to the the club’s future as well as the swirling rumours concerning Corluka, Stephen Ireland, and even Mark Hughes.

One interesting development is that the stock market in Thailand briefly had a rapid gain in response to the news. Many in Thailand believe that having Thaksin disappear from the political scene there for good would be best for the country, and some speculate that the judiciary allowed Thaksin and his wife to travel to China full well knowing the couple might never return.

As to City, the fate of the club will soon be in the Premier League’s hands, assuming Thaksin is as expected convicted of at least one corruption charge. Look for more commentary in this space on what the Premier League should do and why in the very near future…

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