Ronaldinho Chase Finally Ends; Brazilian Signs for AC Milan; Reality Check for City and Thaksin

For a few fleeting hours on Tuesday it suddenly seemed possible that Thaksin might pull off a remarkable (albeit very expensive) coup by persuading Ronaldinho to sign for Manchester City. Instead, as expected, football realities kicked in and the player will be going to AC Milan. Some good inside info on how the negotiations went down can be found here.

The plus side for City is that’s 22 million pounds saved, more than enough to actually address the weaknesses in City’s lineup, especially on the right side of midfield. The downside perhaps for Thaksin is that getting the player undoubtedly would have galvanized many fans still perturbed by Sven’s sacking and also accelerated his long-term plans about making the club a worldwide name (especially in Asia).

Some will say fair play to Thaksin for trying; my sceptical view is that the pursuit of Ronaldinho was a waste of time and energy that should have been spent nailing down more realistic targets and that the footballing case for adding the bucktoothed wonder to a lineup already featuring Elano was less than compelling. I can’t deny that it would have been fun and interesting, however.

Speaking of fun and interesting, regardless of their views on Thaksin all City fans this week are delighted, amused and amazed by the group of City fans who are sailing from Scotland to the Faroes Islands to watch City play in their UEFA Cup qualifier this Thursday.

Absolute classic, and typical City in the best sense…

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