Thaksin “Makeover” (Read Purge) Continues at City as Mackintosh Departs

Few City supporters will be surprised to learn that chief executive Alastair Mackintosh has left the club; clearly his expertise was redundant in the wake of the recent hiring of Garry Cook. What it is a bit unnerving is the fact that Mackintosh’s departure has been pinned to his willingness to challenge Thaksin on the decision to sack Sven. Reports Daniel Taylor in The Guardian:

“Despite the widespread opposition to Eriksson’s departure, nobody else at the club had dared to bring it up with Thaksin, who is said to have deemed from that point onwards that Mackintosh could not be a trusted part of his ‘inner circle.”

Mackintosh has had his critics, and the uncharitable might be inclined to see this development as a fitting example of Mackintosh being hoisted by his own petard; the former chief executive, of course, played an instrumental role last summer in the move to sell the club to Thaksin. But his willingness to stand up for the vast majority of supporters and back Sven is to be commended, and his twelve years’ service to the club respected.

All this of course leaves one question: is there anyone left at the club willing to second guess the will of Thaksin?

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