David Conn on Thaksin’s First Year

David Conn, lifelong City fan and one of the most important journalists covering world football, weighs in with an assessment of Thaksin’s first year at City. Conn reckons that City fans got what they bargained for, or at least what could have been easily predicted by anyone willing to do a little research into Thaksin’s track record: a ruthless, imperious, and unpredictable owner.

Especially interesting are some tidbits Conn has picked up on Thaksin’s reaction to the loss at Fulham in the home finale.

Also, in the rewind department, I’ve stumbled across a link from When Saturday Comes that quotes and comments on the “Selling City Out?” essay (linked on the right) from last summer that was the precursor of this blog. The writer predicted that if City succeeded on the pitch, sceptical voices about Thaksin would dissipate. He was right about that, but after recent events, the sceptics are back in full voice.

What’s perhaps most telling about all this is it’s now literally impossible to go to any City message board and not find a long, heartfelt (or in some cases, short and bitter) message from a lifelong City supporter saying that they are now ready to throw in the towel, not just on Thaksin but on the club itself (or in some cases, the club until Thaksin is gone). More on that phenomenon and what it may portend in a future post…

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