City Humiliated by Boro, 8-1; Sven Sacking Imminent

Manchester City supporters around the world are searching for explanations after a thoroughly disastrous, preposterous defeat to a mediocre Middlsebrough 8-1 in the season closer Sunday. City’s 9th place finish in the league was already secure, and even Richard Dunne’s red card apparently isn’t enough to threaten City’s entry into the UEFA Cup via the Fair Play table, but this was a humiliating outing for players, the outgoing manager, and the club as a whole.

The farcical display on the pitch reflects nearly a month of farce off the pitch. Thaksin Shinawatra was not on hand Sunday, but he must bear a large amount of responsibility for turning what was so nearly a successful first year as chairman into an absolute shambles. City played like a demoralized team with its mind elsewhere, and with Dunne gone no one else stepped up to lead on behalf of the shirt.

Suppose, by way of a thought experiment, Thaksin backed Sven publicly, Sven was clearly coming back for next year (and the 8-1 had not happened). City fans would say it had been a decent season that started strong and petered out, that the solution is to build a stronger squad that could withstand long-term absences of the likes of Richards and Johnson, and that the UEFA Cup place would be a nice carrot to dangle in front of potential recruits. City would be headed into year two of a coherent project with year one a qualified success.

Instead, the club at the moment are in an absolute shambles, with the man primarily responsible thousands of miles away, making decisions from afar while those in Manchester are left in the dark. Welcome to the Thaksin era at Manchester City.

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4 Comments on “City Humiliated by Boro, 8-1; Sven Sacking Imminent”

  1. Happy To Be Blue Says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

    If Sven had failed to improve in his second season, then perhaps questions should be asked, but at the end of a fair season (after Pearce’s horrible football) I think that the owner’s actions are utterly mis-guided.

    If he thinks that he can mirror Chelsea, and purchase his way intoi the ‘top 4’ then I would like to remind him that Chelsea were ‘top 4’ before Abramovich came along.

    Shinawatra needs to re-adjust his expectations.

  2. Teth Says:

    Fickle fans.

    This is just rounding off Sven’s “dip” in form, IMO.

    Never thought he was fit for the job due to Thaksin’s impatience. Its understandable how you think your club is in “shambles”. But humiliating defeat, blame the chairman? More emotion than anything. As you’ve said yourself, you’re 9th in the league, got a UEFA spot, and have actually scored at home this season. Shambles?

    The thing is, Thaksin is as fickle as you lot. Which is why you deserve each other. You’ve turned on him so quickly just as he’s turned on Sven. If he actually got Scolari and he spent big this summer, what will you say then?

    BTW, Chelsea were never in the Top 4. Mid table mediocrity, that’s what they were. There was no top four before Abramovich came in. Even if there were, that fourth spot should belong to Blackburn (who’ve actually won the PL) or Newcastle (who were challenging).

  3. […] Anyway, the game was fairly open, with both sides having chances. Our defence didn’t seem to be able to handle some of the stuff Carlisle were throwing at us, but we got away with things. Beckford had two good chances for us, but Carlisle keeper – some chap that Man City released called Westwood – was a star. He pulled off some excellent saves through the game and really kept Leeds from getting back into the contest. Word on the forums was that Carlisle would be lucky to keep him next season if they fail to go up. Ironic though that he should pull out a performance like that just a day after City conceeded eight. […]

  4. egalitarian Says:

    I’m surprised Thaksin has the time to bother with Sven really. I thought all of his efforts were being spent on pulling the strings behind his puppet government……..

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