Scolari Given Deadline; Why Thaksin Needs Phil To Say Yes

The Times reports Wednesday that Thaksin and his advising team have given Luiz Felipe Scolari (Big Phil) a deadline on a lucrative offer to take over at Manchester City. Big Phil is said to prefer to wait until after Euro 2008 before deciding his future, but Thaksin wants an answer much sooner than that.

Elsewhere, Richard Dunne (topic of our last post) has indeed collected his fourth consecutive fan’s player of the year award, while Paul Hince has stirred the pot with a particularly bitter attack on Thaksin’s sacking of Sven in the MEN.

Most Blue readers of the Hince story will take greatest note (and in some cases, great exception) of his closing shot that he’s willing to see City get relegated in order to be rid of Thaksin. The more important argument Hince is making is that City simply cannot be a high-level successful club under Thaksin, the thought being that you can’t have an owner who wants control of transfer policy, demands personal fealty from the manager, and who is willing to publicly undermine the manager (as happened with Sven) and create controversy where none existed before. That is a strong argument. To prove it wrong, Thaksin needs to show a) that he can attract another world class manager to the job even after how Sven has been treated b) let the new manager do his job without meddling and c) show reasonable patience and appreciation for progress made.

There’s strong reason to be very sceptical on each of those counts, based on the evidence seen so far.

At a minimum, Thaksin needs to deliver a) to have much hope of maintaining or regaining credibility with most City supporters. Stay tuned.

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