Sven Silenced; Players Mull Revolt

Friday’s papers reveal that Sven Goran Eriksson’s weekly press conference has been canceled. Whether that’s due, as The Sun suggests, to a gag order issued by Thaksin, or is a simple matter of the club trying to avoid a situation awkward and embarrassing for all concerned, it’s another sign that MCFC has descended into chaos.

It also is being reported that Sven talked the players out of a plan to threaten a boycott of the post-season trip to Thailand, and there is a further confirmation of Wardle and Mackintosh’s support for the manager. One account circulating the City message boards is that after the Fulham match, Thaksin sent chastising letters to the team, leading Wardle to send a letter of his own apologizing for turning the club over to Thaksin. Related to all this, captain and perennial club player of the year Richard Dunne is now believed to be seeking an exit from the chaos; old boss Kevin Keegan awaits with open arms at Newcastle.

City does have a match to play Sunday, and a fairly high profile one too, at Liverpool. City supporters are expected to make a strong show of support for Sven in protest against Thaksin’s decision.

Finally, in what appears to be an effort to change the subject, the club apparently are going to announce the board level appointment of Garry Cook from Nike to the title of executive chairman in the next 48 hours.

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