Thaksin to Rub Sven’s Face In It?

A story that was incredible to begin with is now potentially turning even more absurd with the revelation that Thaksin and his team expect Sven to continue to lead City on its scheduled tour of Thailand, even though he’s essentially already been sacked. Sven can’t resign first without forfeiting his payoff. Sacking Sven is absurd enough, making him travel to Thailand for two meaningless games that serve no purpose other than to bolster his employer’s wallet, and in which City’s senior players will likely have very little interest, would simply be an act of humiliation.

The Guardian’s account of the story has plenty of other damning details about the Thaksin regime, including the spectacle of one of the new board members hunting for autographs from Chelsea players after the recent league game at Stamford Bridge. Meanwhile The Times discusses the possible fate of City’s board members from the old days–Mackintosh, Wardle, Bodek–all of whom oppose sacking Sven. The men who engineered the sale of the club to Thaksin already find themselves out in the cold in terms of power and influence, and may choose to take themselves out in the literal sense as well.

Finally, in The Telegraph Henry Winter flatly writes that Thaksin is unfit “to oversee a club as important as City,” and Manchester Evening News writer Chris Bailey weighs in with a poignant article that, among other things, points out that Thaksin has in fact invested far less of his own money in the club than has been widely believed.

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