What’s That Hitting the Fan?

The sacking of Sven Goran Eriksson isn’t even official yet and already the fallout seems to have started. Wednesday’s edition of The Guardian says Thaksin and his advisers are trying to line up Big Phil, Luis Felipe Scolari, to take over from Sven; The Times has a similar report. Thaksin apparently is unconcerned about the opposition of City fans to his decision to oust the Swede.

Meanwhile, on the player front The Sun suggests that Richard Dunne, Elano, Martin Petrov, Michael Johnson, and perhaps Micah Richards all will be reconsidering their City futures, if not actively trying to move, as a result of Sven’s departure. Those are five of the best players (arguably, the five best) at City at the moment. The next “boss” (that traditional term perhaps should now be used advisedly where City are concerned) may have quite a task rebuilding the squad, let alone strengthening it. This report again refers to Thaksin’s apparent desire to control transfers at the club.

The Times also has a piece comparing the guillotining of Sven to the ongoing chaos at Liverpool this season. The common denominator in both situations: owners completely out of touch with the game of football and how it operates, as well as with the perspective of ordinary supporters.

Also, the League Managers Association issued a statement not only expressing concern with the rise of “short-termism” in English football resulting from the influx of foreign owners, but also specifically defending Sven and his record at City.

Finally, an enterprising City fan on Youtube has turned the tables on Thaksin’s nickname by using a couple of Sinatra tunes to mock City’s owner and make the case for Sven’s accomplishments this season.

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