This Blog’s Argument (Circa August and September 2007…)

This blog is getting some renewed attention in recent days, for understandable reasons. For the benefit of new visitors, I’m re-posting a couple of items from last August and September that layout this blog’s overall stance towards Thaksin’s takeover at City, at least as I saw it at that time.

First, the document below is a lengthy collation of some twenty substantive blog posts from late July and early August weighing in detail the pros and cons of Thaksin’s takeover, considering the moral, political, and (yes) footballing issues involved.


Second, this is an interview I did for another blog in September, back when things seemed to be going well and Thaksin and Sven appeared attached at the hip.

Third is the essay “Selling City Out” written in July 2007, providing a detailed initial reaction to Thaksin’s takeover.

At some point in the next few days (not just yet) I’ll follow up with my take on what the stunning events this week imply for Thaksin’s future, and that of Manchester City Football Club.

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