Sven Deployed to Develop Asian Market

At the personal request of Thaksin Shinawatra, City boss Sven Goran Eriksson will use the international break to fly to Asia on a tour to promote the club and announce several new commerical deals. Sven and the Chinese international Sun Jihai will travel to Shanghai and Bangkok.

Sven and the club stress that this is about promoting the club, not boosting Thaksin’s political fortunes. It’s questionable at this point whether you can really separate the two, but I take some satisfaction in seeing that the club at least finds it necessary to make that distinction.

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4 Comments on “Sven Deployed to Develop Asian Market”

  1. Austin Powers Says:

    The spirit of the football club is mentained by the fan’s. The spirit can neither be purchased or sold. The spirit is within each of us and cannot be counted in gold but in emotion, we are the spirit, we are this football club.

  2. Colonel Jeru Says:

    Austin Powers you have just defiantly proclaimed your football club’s anthem from the bottom of your heart” The spirit can neither be purchased or sold. The spirit is within each of us and cannot be counted in gold but in emotion, ”

    But I beg to rephrase the same anthem below.

    Thailand had deliberately booted out Thaksin Shinawatra because our ‘Thai democratic spirit can easily be purchased or sold come election time. That spirit is still within us, even with Thaksin gone but not done for. That spirit counted in emotion for the Thaksin gold”

  3. Daniel Martin Says:

    Thailands fledgling democracy will always have trouble finding its wings when it has autocrats like Thaksin manipulating the strings of the People Power Party aka Puppet Peoples Party.

    I have lived in Thailand for 7 years, indeed I came here at the very same time that Doctor “Evil” Thaksin came to power and within months of his succession to power I quickly realised that his motives for power where bordering on meglomania.

    As the months rolled into years I beseeched my wife (who is a teacher) and her family, my teaching colleagues and my closest friends not to be taken in by this snake lotion peddlar and was often met with bewildering jingoism and blind obeisance for they felt that I could not possibly understand Thailand and its inner machinations “You are farang, you cannot understand, this is not your country and so this is not your way” which stupified me as I had become assimilated and was always praised for acting in a manner becoming of a gentleman, that is to say that I did not drink, smoke or ever socialise in place of ill repute which is conduct unbecoming of a teacher……..

    Now time has passed and I have learnt to express these opinions in a far gentler way than before and of course Dr thaksin has now been exposed as a cruel, evil and manipulative despot with the blood of thousands on his hands. But it is the Thai people who are now stupified by my government and our laws that allow Thaksin with his phony east Kentucky doctorate to live merrily and prosper whilst the courts seek his extradition for crimes of corruption and if he ever returned, further charges of crimes against humanity. He may have a power base in the north eastern provinces of poor illiterate farmers, you can fool some of the people most of he time rings truest here but those with an inkling of an education and honour in their hearts know now that this disgusting man cares nothing for Thailand and if he ever returns to power then we can rest assured that democracy as we know it will never find flight in Thailand.

    Shame on Englands government and the FA, shame on Sven Goran Erikson and I beseech Manchester City supporters not to suffer the same blind obeisance and to look within their conscience and souls to prevent this god awful man from manipulating and controlling your proud club and its wonderful history. He has already begun and its now up to you to closely monitor his motives

    In the land of the blind……. the one eyed man is King

    MonoXimian, proud to be an Englishman in the Land of Smiles

  4. Colonel Jeru Says:

    Thailand or England are not lands of the blind. Dazzled more like, entranced even . . . by Thaksin’s charismatic cash.

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