“When I Return, I Will Do So As a Private Citizen”

Thaksin Shinawatra delivered a major address to the Foreign Press Association this past week. In the talk he makes some critical comments about the junta, praises the king,  defends his own time in office, and declares his innocence of all charges against him. He also stresses he’s done with politics: “When I return, I will do so as a private citizen.” Thaksin says that his future will be in business and philanthropy.

He also says he’s committed to Manchester City “for the long term” and that “nothing would please him more” than for City to win the Premiership title.

We’ll refrain from further comment on this speech, but both its timing and its substance are noteworthy.

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One Comment on ““When I Return, I Will Do So As a Private Citizen””

  1. meechai@bangsue Says:

    Our disgraced cowardly ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra must be of two minds these days. Thaksin Shinawatra would rather NOT return to Thailand because Thaksin is facing arrest . . . and his police rap sheet just keeps getting longer and longer. Criminal corruption, tax evasion, conflict of interest and that most serious crime of all, extra-judicial crimes.

    But greed will overpower cowardice anytime and Thaksin is impelled to return to try to recover those billions of ill-gotten wealth he had accumulated while in power. With Thaksin Shinawatra it had always been about the MONEY . . .

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