City 3, Newcastle 1; “Long Live the King of Thailand”

Manchester City’s terrific start to the season continued with a scintillating 3-1 home victory over Newcastle United Saturday, capped by Elano’s stunning free kick.

The improvement in the football isn’t the only thing that’s different at the City of Manchester Stadium this year. A Thai site that has linked to this blog provides this picture from inside the stadium of the message “Long Live the King of Thailand.”

The guess here is that the purpose of the message is not to persuade City fans in attendance to keep the king in their nightly prayers, but rather is intended for consumption by any Thai fans who happen to catch a glimpse of it via television.

Further comments and  observations on what this is all about from readers would be welcome….long-live-the-king-of-thailand.jpg

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One Comment on “City 3, Newcastle 1; “Long Live the King of Thailand””

  1. bob Says:

    it said it was something to do with it being the glorious king of thailands 90th birthday in november

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