BBC Profile of Thaksin

With the passage of the constitutional referendum in Thailand Sunday as well as Manchester City’s big win over Manchester United, there has been plenty of interesting writing and commentary about Thaksin, his political future, and how his owning a football club fits in over the last few days. Later in the week, we’ll attempt a round-up of the best and most pertinent articles.

In the meantime, BBC  News has run an extended profile of Thaksin that does a nice job touching on all the key issues; it even includes an interview with a Thai soccer star who thinks Thaksin’s investment in Manchester City would have been more appropriately spent in his homeland. Go to minute 33 of the linked clip to see the report.

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One Comment on “BBC Profile of Thaksin”

  1. Sunantha Says:

    A lot of Thais . . . really millions of angry Thais are eager to know whether Thailand, after the election, would succeed to extradite Thaksin Shinawatra from UK to answer to the many criminal allegations awaiting Thaksin.

    Will Thaksin’s next profile shot will similar to Noriega or Estrada or Roh or Chun, all ex-leaders jailed for corruption?

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