A Final Word…

In the preceding two weeks, we’ve presented an overview of the controversy surrounding Thaksin Shinawatra’s takeover at Manchester City, as well as an argument about what it all means. On Monday we’ll provide a guide to the main posts for anyone new to the blog wanting to walk through the argument and analysis step by step, and also collate all those posts into a single file in case anyone’s inclined to read them all in one sitting.

I’d like to leave the exclamation point, however, to long-time City supporter Colin Rudd, author and performer of the fantastic “Eighty Years at Maine Road.” Not long ago Colin weighed in on a City message board with his own view on the takeover, which, at the end of the day, closely matches my own feelings about the events at City of the last several months. Colin’s given me permission to reprint what he had to say:

I’m the guy who wrote “80 years of football at Maine Road” and “Marc Vivien-Foe” if anyone is familiar with them. I loved Maine Road with a passion but now it’s gone. I admired Marc and was broken hearted when he died but he’s gone. I dreamed of a fair socialist world but the dream has died… football is corrupt as are most things these days…“money doesn’t talk, it swears”

There’s no purpose in arguing about Thaksin’s dirty money or Sven’s obscene salary or for that matter the player’s disgustingly extravagant wages….. that’s not what supporting a club means to your average fan.

It’s more child-like, tribal and wonderful when your team plays great football and that’s what people want…. the debate is over and if Thaksin is finally caught out, well that’s what you get if you play rough.

Every football chairman is corrupt so forget them!… the game lives on and when the ball hits the back of the net I don’t think….I feel!

Shinawatra, Swales, Lee, Wardle can all go to hell for all I care, I just love the colour sky-blue…. “The beauty of my childhood still burns inside of me” and rich bastards can’t take that away from me. True fans live the dream and escape from the reality so let’s stop mixing the two things up.

We can support City and laugh at the crooks at the same time… they won’t care as long as they have the power but PLEASE!.. DON’T GIVE THEM ANY RESPECT!

“We’ve moved on to Eastlands
The start of something new.
The crowd will still be roaring …

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3 Comments on “A Final Word…”

  1. Bangkokblue Says:

    We can support City and laugh at the crooks at the same time… they won’t care as long as they have the power but PLEASE!.. DON’T GIVE THEM ANY RESPECT!

    This says it all for me, not giving the scumbag any respect would have been fine with me- But, I’ve seen City fans on the news here eating Thai food in Albert square and applauding Shinawatra singing Blue Moon. I’ve read reports about Thaksin’s rapturous welcome at the game against Derby. I’ve read endless posts on message boards dissmissing 2,500 extrajudicial deaths as unimportant, or ‘human rights are for hippies’, normal procedure for all politicians, made up by the media etc, despite the condemnation and a multitude of detailed case reports by Amnesty international and others. And all this from people who a thought of as extended family, who scarcely knew who Thaksin was 12 months ago, and who would have been the first in line to condemn his human rights record had he been buying Man UTD.

    I also read a report in the Bangkok Post yesterday (sorry can’t find a link) suggesting that the outcome of tomorrows constitution referendum may be significantly affected by the Manchester Derby outcome. Thaksin being applauded on TV by City fans for a glorious victory may be enough to swing it to a ‘no’ vote.

    I now found myself in the desperate situation of not really wanting City to win a Derby game, (my best case scenario is nil nil). What have I done to deserve this? All these years of tears, all that screaming till I lost my voice for a week, all those rows with my wife about how it’s not “just a game” when we lost, and all that sulking for days after we just ‘failed to turn up’.

    Have I died and been sent to football hell?, or was I really really bad in a past life- F*** OFF, GET OUT OF MAN CITY AI EEA THAKSIN!

  2. Urbis Says:

    couldn’t find an email for you, would like to use this post and the previous summation of the dilemmas in our ‘City TIll I Die’ exhibition at Urbis in Manchester (http://kingkippax.blogspot.com/search/label/URBIS%20EXHIBITION?max-results=20). Currently we end it with the Amnesty Open Letter, but thats not very balanced and the theme of the exhibition is the support for City, so these two posts would sum that up. Have you any issues with that–don’t have a contact for Colin Rudd either..
    Let me know at the attached email, address, we will obviously fully credit.

  3. Martin Sweeney Says:

    Heavy Heavy Heavy but the overiding factor that you guy’s have forgotten is that you cannot “Own” Manchester City, it belongs to the people. Legal ownership is just legal ownership.
    I have watched and loved this club for 40 years now , it’s my club, I stood in the rain at Halifax in the cup, we lost, danced on the pitch at Newcastle to win the Championship cried at Wembley 0-2 down against Gillingham with minutes to go.
    We can watch scoundrels come and go, the spirit of the club is within the crowd and always will be.
    If there is 5 or 50.000 watching the spirit is alive within each of us, I’ve passed this love down to my son, we own the club spiritually, we and everyone who loves it.
    Analysise that, calculate that in financial terms its not possible, so ignore the politics and just feel the passion.

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