Thaksin Podcast

Just got around to listening to the official City podcast interview with Thaksin from last week; worth a listen for City fans. A few quotes:

“The football club, without the fans, is not really a football club…With the history of the fan support for Manchester City Football Club, I’m really impressed.”

 “I’m very happy that I’ve got most of the support of the fans, and I will never disappoint them.”

 “I am quite confident that I can promote Manchester City’s brand in Asia.”

 “Within one year, you’re going to see a big change at Manchester City.”

The interviewer, to his credit, asked Thaksin whether he could confirm that the money used to invest in the club has come from “reputable sources” and that City fans had nothing to worry about on that score. Thaksin’s response: “If you know my background, I’m rich before I enter politics. The riches come from the companies I grow for more than 20 years…”, adding that the charges in Thailand against him are “politically motivated.”

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