About the Blogger

Some of you may be wondering about who I am and what is motivating this blog.

Professionally, I’m a political scientist and an assistant professor of leadership studies at the University of Richmond in the United States. (That’s in Virginia.) I teach courses on social justice, political philosophy, urban politics, and the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership. I earned my doctorate in political science from Harvard University in 2004; one my advisors was Robert D. Putnam, who is currently a visiting professor at the University of Manchester. I have written two books on public policy and am currently completing a third, on the impact of suburban sprawl upon American politics. Here is my full academic bio.

Politically, I am a long-time activist and have written about politics from a progressive left perspective for numerous magazines in the United States, and have been affiliated for many years with the left economics journal Dollars & Sense: The Magazine of Economic Justice. This article from January 2006 that appeared in The Nation (the U.S. weekly, not the Thailand daily!) provides a sense of my overall political perspective; you can also visit my blog Richmond Talks Back, which responds to the conservative editorial pages of my local paper.

I also have worked as a sportswriter covering the University of North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball team, and published a book about the team’s fan culture in 2001, More Than a Game: Why North Carolina Basketball Means So Much To So Many.

Last but certainly not least, I have been an avid supporter of Manchester City since the 1999-2000 season, when I first caught the English football bug. In 2003 I published an article in King of the Kippax recounting my trip to see City play in their last season at Maine Road. A recent thrill as a fan was getting to meet City legend Shaun Goater a few weeks ago–the team he owns, the Bermuda Hogges, played a game against the Richmond Kickers a few blocks from my house. A main reason I have become and remained a commited supporter of the team is the loyalty of the fans and their willingness to stick with the club, come what may; and once you’ve caught the City bug, there’s no letting it go.

Anyway, this is your blogger and hopefully this helps explain my keen interest in this particular intersection of sports, politics, and morality. Despite some of my skepticism about Thaksin Shinawatra’s takeover at City, it has been interesting and stimulating to learn about Thai politics, an intrinsically fascinating and complicated topic, and for that I’m grateful.

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