Editorial in The Nation Predicts Troubles for City

I’ve noted earlier that even the most determined Thai critics of Thaksin don’t seem to really begrudge City fans for welcoming Thaksin’s money, though an editorial in today’s Nation depicts City fans as reacting to the Human Rights Watch reports of last week like they would to “a referee who awards a penalty to an away team.”

But what’s interesting is that those same observers also seem keenly interested in how City will perform on the field. Editorialist Tulsathit Taptim says he expects City to be in the relegation zone after ten games, and for Sven to tire of Thaksin and quit within a year. He also, perhaps not entirely tongue-in-cheek, says he expects the coup leaders to replace their military uniforms with Manchester United jerseys on August 19th, the date of the Manchester derby as well as the referendum on Thailand’s new consitution.

Here’s some unsolicited advice to Dr. Thaksin: if you can in fact obtain and publicize photographs of the military junta wearing United red jerseys, especially if they are #7 and say “Ronaldo” on the back, you’ll be inoculated against criticisms from 99%+ of City fans for years to come, even if Sven does quit in a year.

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