Preview of Coming Attractions

Here’s the plan for the coming week. As the run-up to the new Premiership season winds down, we will be trying to post a substantial amount of new material every day. After that, the blog will be updated on a more periodic basis as events warrant.

So here’s what’s in store:

Monday: an overview of what they’re saying about Thaksin’s takeover in the British press, in the Thai press, and amongst football supporters. We’ll also take a look at some key academic sources for learning about Thaksin’s regime.

Tuesday: an overview of the four major strands of criticism directed at Thaksin Shinawatra’s regime in Thailand. These include a) substantive objections to Thaksin’s social and economic agenda from within Thailand; b) the belief that he was undermining long-term prospects for liberal democracy in Thailand and moving the country towards authoritarianism; c) charges of personal corruption; and d) charges of abuse of human rights by Thaksin’s government, particularly in the “war on drugs” of 2003-2004.

Wednesday: an overview of the case to be made on behalf of Thaksin’s regime, looking at his overall record in the context of Thai history and in light of the plausible alternatives to his regime. Particular attention will be paid to the question of what if anything might justify or excuse the widely reported (and acknowledged) abuses associated with the war on drugs.

Thursday: a look at the “fit and proper” person test and what implications the information discussed Tuesday and Wednesday have for the appropriateness of Thaksin operating a Premiership club.

Friday: a wrap-up addressing any leftover questions and providing any additional observations worth making.

We’ll also try to keep up with any pertinent developments pertaining to the takeover as the week goes along. Enjoy!

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