Editorial and Comment Policy

We will aim in this space to give fair hearings to all sides of the controversy around Thaksin Shinawatra and his takeover of the club. Included in the next post is an overview essay of the central issues that I wrote in July for a Manchester City fan newsletter and that was also reprinted on the important academic blog covering Southeast Asia, The New Mandala.

In coming days we will try (relatively briefly) to summarize both the cases for and against Thaksin, both as a former leader of Thailand and as a “fit and proper person” to run a football club. It is our view that the issues involved in both assessments are quite complex. And it is our observation that Thaksin is an almost uniquely polarizing figure who inspires both loyal devotion and rabid disgust.

We cannot therefore claim or even aim to settle the debate about Thaksin, and have no expectation of persuading all readers of the opinions expressed here. What we can do is provide an overview of the issues involved, and insist that there is legitimate ground for being skeptical both of Thaksin’s past and his long-term intentions in going into football ownership.

Thoughtful comments to the site from all sides of this question and from all over the world are welcome. This blog is not a message board however and quick barbs that add nothing of substance will not be approved; neither will attacks on the blog or its author(s). We particularly welcome posts that offer new information relevant to the discussion.

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